Purpose & Authority

The CPCSSN Committee is the highest governing body for the CPCSSN.  All standing committees will make recommendations and will report to the CPCSSN Committee.  The CPCSSN Committee will make all final decisions regarding the finances, partnerships, research projects and strategic and operational direction for the CPCSSN.  The CPCSSN Committee also has the ability to call a meeting of the Stakeholder Advisory Committee at any time to initiate two-way communication between the CPCSSN and its stakeholders and to consult with stakeholder interests when deliberating about future plans of the CPCSSN.

The CPCSSN Committee is responsible for: approving all decisions and actions of the Network; maintaining and monitoring the governance structure of the Network; ensuring that all Network decisions and actions are in keeping with the approved mission and vision; the overall financial management of the Network; the ongoing strategic planning for the Network; the yearly business planning cycle; implementation of the 5-year Strategic Plan and Business Plan; knowledge translation and communication; and stakeholder relationship management.

Terms of Reference

  • Develop and maintain a rolling 5-year business plan
  • Oversee budget and review quarterly financial reports from the CPCSSN manager
  • Coordinate work of the standing committees and approve all recommendations from Standing Committees
  • Responsible for negotiating CPCSSN service contracts and funding agreements
  • Strategic planning
  • Risk management
  • Dispute resolution
  • Development of knowledge translation and communication policy
  • Financial management and reporting
  • Coordination of Stakeholder relations

Meetings / Procedures

  • The Chair plus 4 members constitute quorum
  • Meetings will be held quarterly at the call of the chair, meeting dates will be set yearly, special meetings     can be called by the Chair
  • Roberts Rules of Order will be followed in all matters regarding decorum and procedure
  • Minutes will be circulated to all members, to the Chairs of each regional network and to any other person or body as determined by the CPCSSN Committee