CPCSSN’s mission is to:

  • Collect and maintain national epidemiological surveillance data using EMRs to  improve outcomes in primary health care [1]
  • Contribute to a stronger national knowledge base in the area of primary health care and chronic disease management;
  •  Improve the effectiveness and efficiency of primary health care delivery and outcomes across the country;
  • Create a platform for multi level research.
  • Facilitate and  encourage  innovation and excellence in primary health care research in all provinces and territories in Canada;
  • Provide validated outcome indicators and improve the collection of key data elements; and,
  • Create a knowledge exchange loop and promote knowledge translation in primary health care research and surveillance.


CPCSSN is a Standing Committee of the Board of The College of Family Physicians of Canada, whose core business is to collect data and to organize and maintain a sentinel surveillance system contributing to knowledge development about the health of Canadians and to conduct research that strengthens the study of Canadian primary health care.


  • Best Practice Management
  • Develop Strategic Linkages
  • Infrastructure Development
  • Excellence in Research & Surveillance
  • Innovation in Knowledge Translation and Communication

[1] Primary Health Care (PHC) is used throughout this document in its broadest sense.  The definition is intended to be inclusive and to include all aspects of primary care as defined at the Alma Ata International Conference in 1978.