Partnerships and Diversifying Funding

The Canadian Primary Care Sentinel Surveillance Network (CPCSSN) is adopting a policy regarding partnerships with funders. CPCSSN needs to secure stable funding and diversify the funding sources. We have begun a process of how CPCSSN enters into relationships with other governmental, non-governmental and industry partners.

The core principle that CPCSSN remains committed to is working with any funder in an arm’s length capacity and not allowing any funders access to any patient level, sentinel level or practice level data.

  • Research must be in alignment with the CPCSSN mission and values and must provide a public benefit.
  • Funding partners will have no access to data, other than a final report. Primary and secondary outcomes must be registered with the CPCSSN and the CPCSSN will make the results of any analyses, including those on behalf of for-profit agencies, publicly available through such means as peer-reviewed publication, report or briefing, through its website and upon request.
  • Any decisions regarding publication and presentation of findings related to CPCSSN data rest entirely with investigators.
  • No partner organizations or individuals will have authority to limit the sharing of findings with the public assuming the information falls within CPCSSN’s established privacy policies and partnership agreements.
  • In the interests of transparency, results, reports, and acknowledgement of funding sources that use the CPCSSN data and dataset creation plans will all be publicly available.
  • Funding partners will have no authority over study direction or analysis.
  • Research undertaken for governmental, non-profit, or industry partners must be in addition to, and in no way detracting from, ongoing CPCSSN research or quality improvement work.
  • We will not be involved in product marketing or physician/academic detailing in any way.

CPCSSN remains committed to the highest standards of data protection and privacy and will continue to ensure that all of the data is de-identified.  In addition, as in the past any project undertaken by CPCSSN will require full review by the CPCSSN Surveillance and Research Committee and by the relevant University Health Research Ethics Board.

We think that working with health authorities, government, non-governmental organizations and the private sector will provide information that can improve the health system and ultimately patient care with the use of real world data analysis that CPCSSN can provide.

Click here to view CPCSSN’s decision-making framework document in further detail.