A feature article in CANADIAN HEALTHCARE MANAGER reported on a full day roundtable discussion entitled: “Electronic medical records: Are we ready for data analytics?”

Dr. Michelle Greiver, family physician, North York Family Health Team and CPCSSN network director for the UTOPIANetwork and Ken Martin, information and technology manager, Canadian Primary Care Sentinel Surveillance Network were two of the eight IT saavy participants experienced with the evolution of EMRs in primary care across Canada.

CPCSSN currently extracts data from over 80 sites across Canada — representing more than 600 physicians and a half a million patients — to create quarterly reports on chronic diseases, epidemiology and (comparative) feedback reports, including patient population characteristics and practice performance indicators, to healthcare providers in participating practices, explained Ken Martin, the network’s information and technology manager. “It turns poor-quality EMR data into usable, actionable information.” This leads to the ability to base care decisions on actual data, said Dr. Michelle Greiver, a participant in the initiative. Dr. Greiver believes programs like CPCSSN are extremely valuable for doctors and the healthcare system as a whole. Care informed by real data is a powerful tool. But the current challenge is scaling up the model across the country: “We can all agree on the same goal of better care,” she said. “So how do we make sure we’re all aligned? How do we support each other to reach this goal?”

This roundtable event was organized by the Rogers Healthcare Group, and sponsored by the Ontario Medical Association and OntarioMD. Click here to sign up for access to CANADIAN HEALTHCARE MANAGER magazine.

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