• Chronic illnesses are on the rise in Canada.
• Approximately half of all Canadians are living with at least one chronic health condition, and more than one in four Canadians report having two or more chronic conditions.2
• The toll on individual Canadians and our health system is enormous. It’s critical that primary care practitioners have access to every possible resource to help their patients manage these conditions.
• There is strong support in Canada to have primary care practitioners use electronic medical records to maintain information about their patients.
• CPCSSN can help improve the lives of Canadians living with chronic diseases and help the health-care system become more sustainable by providing quality health data for analysis, quality improvement feedback and research.
• CPCSSN reports help primary care practitioners better understand chronic disease and improve the care Canadians with chronic disease receive. Our reports will also help health planners understand where chronic illness is happening, where it is not, and why.
• It’s about knowing and understanding chronic illnesses so that we can prevent these conditions, and better treat patients who have these illnesses.
• Patients can find comfort in knowing that being involved in the care process allows them and their doctor to make sense of EMR data at the practice, provincial and national level.

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