DELPHI (Deliver Primary Healthcare Information) Project

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DELPHI Research Program Coordinator
Heather Maddocks, Scientist
Centre for Studies in Family Medicine
Western University
Toll Free: 1.866.858.9929
London Area: 519.661.2111 ext. 22084


Led by Dr. Amanda Terry, the DELPHI project is based at the Centre for Studies in Family Medicine at Western University in London, Ontario. In 2005, DELPHI established a researchable database derived from de-identified data pooled from the electronic medical records (EMR) of ten primary health care practices throughout Southwestern Ontario. The database is the first Canadian primary care EMR-derived database which used the International Classification of Primary Care on a subset of patient encounters. The database now includes almost 30 primary health care practitioners (family physicians and nurse practitioners), more than 30,000 patients and over 600,000 patient-provider encounters. Originally consisting of data from one EMR software, the DELPHI program now encompasses data from several different EMRs. The DELPHI project began with the goal of creating a primary health care researchable database based on de-identified EMR data from independent practice sites in Southwestern Ontario. Originally focused on eight process indicators in primary care, the scope of inquiry has expanded to encompass methodology & data quality, symptoms & health conditions, and health services utilization studies. In addition to these projects that utilize the DELPHI database, members of the DELPHI team are conducting research using the national CPCSSN dataset to describe the referral patterns from family physicians to other medical specialties.


Dr. Amanda Terry, PhD, DELPHI Principal Investigator

Research Team

uwo_teamAmardeep Thind, MD, PhD, Investigator;
Amanda Terry, PhD, Investigator;
Judith Belle Brown, MSW, PhD, Investigator;
Stewart Harris, MD, MPH, FCFP, FACPM, Investigator;
Graham J. Reid, PhD, Investigator;
Sonny Cejic, MD, CCFP, B.Ed. MSc, DELPHI Clinician Investigator;
Joshua Shadd, MD, CCFP, MClSc, Clinician Investigator;
Bridget L. Ryan, PhD, Post-Doctoral Fellow;
Heather Maddocks, PhD, DELPHI Research Program Coordinator.

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