Maritime Family Practice Research Network (MaRNet-FP)

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Dalhousie University Dept. of Family Medicine,
5909 Veterans Memorial Lane,
Room 8520 A.J. Lane Bldg.
Halifax, NS B3H 2E2
Phone: (902) 473-3133


Home base: Department of Family Medicine, Dalhousie University, Halifax NS
Established in: 2005
Founded by: Dr. Wayne Putnam
Current Network Director: Dr. Nandini Natarajan
Current Research Associate: Nirupa Varatharasan
Current Data Manager: Sarah Sabri

To develop a network of Family Practices across Nova Scotia, New Brunswick and Prince Edward Island that can collaborate on research projects to improve health care in the Maritimes.
To enable community Family Physicians and Nurse Practitioners to combine their relevant questions, skills and resources with the expertise and resources of academic family physicians to conduct Primary Care research.
To conduct and support primary care research in practice-based settings that addresses questions of importance to Family Medicine and improve health care delivery to, and the health status of, patients and their families in the Maritime provinces.


Nandini NatarajanDr. Nandini Natarajan, MD, CCFP

Dr. Nandini Natarajan is an associate professor, researcher and family physician in the Department of Family Medicine, Dalhousie University. Her research interests include the use of electronic medical records, chronic disease management and drug utilization in primary health care.

Research Associate

Nirupa Varatharasan

Nirupa Varatharasan has a Master’s of Science in Community Health and Epidemiology and is interested in Health Services Research, Population and Public Health.

Data Manager

Sarah Sabri

Sarah Sabri has a Bachelor degree in Computer Science has completed her Masters degree in e-commerce from Dalhousie University. Her field of interest is Health Informatics; in particular Electronic Medical Records (EMR), clinical decision support and healthcare analytics. 

Research Team


Pictured: top Sarah Sabri, Wayne Putnam, bottom Nirupa Varatharasan, Kristine Van Aarsen, Nandini Natarajan. missing: Fred Burge

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