McMaster University Sentinel and Information Collaboration (MUSIC)

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Department of Family Medicine
McMaster University
Hamilton, ON


Clinical excellence, research and innovation and quality improvement are fundamental to MUSIC’s commitment to Primary are delivery. MUSIC is a practice-based research network (PBRN) at McMaster University in Hamilton Ontario. It is supported by the McMaster Department of Family Medicine (DFM), Directed by Dr. Dee Mangin and managed and operated by DFM IT and Research staff. The MUSIC data holdings are securely derived from a rich set of de-identified OSCAR EMR data and leveraged for collaborative research projects and quality and audit initiatives within the DFM clinics. MUSIC is ommitted to projects that will provide sound and impartial evidence that will have direct benefit to DFM patients, the Hamilton community and the entire spectrum of primary care.

We welcome collaborative research projects that will have direct benefit for our patients, community and primary care. We are committed to research that will provide sound evidence for rational medical and public health practice. We believe it is important that such research should be, and be seen to be, impartial. Our research is free of any funding which may prejudice these goals. We do not provide data or accept funding for research from pharmaceutical companies or other for-profit organisations either directly or indirectly (as ‘unrestricted educational grants’ or fellowships) where that partnership could create conflict of interest in the work at Department of Family Medicine.


Dr. Dee Mangin

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