University of Toronto Practice Based Research Network (UTOPIAN)

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The University of Toronto Practice-Based Research Network (UTOPIAN) is a living laboratory that partners front-line care providers with academic researchers: giving us necessary insights into what’s working and what could work better in primary care in Ontario. Once fully established, UTOPIAN will be one of the largest and most representative primary care research networks in North America, and amongst the largest in the world. Family practice is the first point of contact for patients and where much of care in Canada is coordinated. Yet relatively little primary care research has been done at this level: in fact, there are far more unanswered than answered questions when it comes to determining what’s working and for whom in Canada’s primary care system.

The University of Toronto Practice-Based Research Network (UTOPIAN) is a network of over 1400 family physicians in practices within the 14 DFCM academic sites throughout the GTA and beyond that aims to change this. The network brings together DFCM researchers, primary care clinicians and practices from all its academic sites to answer important healthcare questions and translate findings into practice.

Ivanka Pribramska, PhD, UTOPIAN Research Administrator
Phone: (416) 978-7017


Michelle GreiverDr. Michelle Greiver, MD, Msc

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