Letter of Intent for a Proposed Study with CPCSSN Data

  • Include: a. Purpose   b. Significance or impact of the study. Importance to the current policy landscape or to chronic disease management. Potential for innovation.   c. Theoretical/conceptual framework or model   d. Brief review of the literature   e. Specific Aims   f. Research questions/hypotheses  
  • Include: a. Research design b. Setting & Sample  _Power analysis c. CPCSSN data requirements - Case detection criteria - Variables required d. Other data sources required to complete study e. Measures f. Data analysis methods g. Limitations of study h. Human Subjects/ethical considerations - In the case of most proposals using secondary data, your Research Ethics Board (REB) may consider your project to be in the “Exempt” class. - If you are conducting linkage study with another database re-identification risk protocols should be described. - You are not required to have approval for the project at the time of proposal submission, but will be asked to forward a copy of the approval to CPCSSN once the project is operational i. Timetable
  • Include: a. How proposed study fits in the investigators total research program b. List project team and describe qualification c. Description of analytic support (file management, statistics) d. please provide the specific location (address, computer lab location etc…) of the computers being used to carry out analyses and/or store data.
  • Include: a. Indicate detail of any funding applications that will be submitted (organization, amount, submission date) b. Description of any letters of support required