Appointments to the CPCSSN Committee will be made as follows.  Each participating Practice Based / Primary Care Research Network (PBRN or PCRN) will nominate from among its members a representative to the CPCSSN executive.  The PBRN representatives will nominate and vote on the CPCSSN Chair and the Chairs of each Standing Committee.  All appointments will be for two year terms.  There are no limits to reappointments.  Additional PBRNs can join CPCSSN after a vote of the CPCSSN Committee.  Positions on the CPCSSN Committee and its Standing Committees are non-monetary appointments.

  • Chair – Chair of the CPCSSN
  • Chair of Privacy & Ethics Standing Committee
  • Chair of Research Standing Committee
  • Chair of Practice Retention and Recruitment Standing Committee
  • Chair of Data Management & Information Technology Standing Committee
  • Members at large – Members at large must be representatives of the participating PBRNs.  Members at large will be appointed to ensure that all participating PBRNs are represented on the CPCSSN Committee.  Members will be chosen on a 1 year rotational basis as required to ensure representation by all participating PBRNs.
  • (Members may from time to time wear multiple hats as members of the CPCSSN Committee.  For example, a member might sit on the Committee as a Standing Committee Chair and as a representative of their PBRN)