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CPCSSN Quality Assurance Audit – Mainpro+ Credits

  • The CPCSSN quality assurance online submission form should document how you used your experience with the CPCSSN chronic disease profile of your practice to critically reflect on your management of one of the chronic diseases that are under surveillance in your practice by CPCSSN. The QA activity may or may not have included a comparison with other local or national practices.
  • You will receive 6 Mainpro+ Certified credits for each online submission you complete. You may complete one submission per year for each of the chronic disease under surveillance in your practice by CPCSSN (providing a practice profile of the chronic disease has been created for you by the CPCSSN Database Manager)
  • All CPD activities must be recorded online (the CFPC will no longer accept forms sent by fax/mail) To report your Mainpro+ credits please follow these steps:
  1. Go to and login with your individual CFPC membership information
  2. Click Mainpro+ logo
  3. Click ‘Enter a CPD activity’
  4. Select ‘Assessment’ and click ‘Certified’
  5. From top-down menu select ‘Practice Audits/Quality Assurance Programs’
  6. Fill out the online submission form and click ‘Submit’

If you require assistance logging into Mainpro+ or have questions about your credits please visit the CFPC Mainpro+ site:

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