Researchers may make a request to change key aspects about their projects, such as: Data updates or more years of data, data files and/or fields requested, research questions posed, change in study population. These require a formal application to CPCSSN in the form of an amendment. New service charges apply for amendment applications, and confirmation … Read more Amendments

Researcher driven changes post-application

Changing the DAR once submitted requires additional work by CPCSSN. Requesting modifications to a DAR after its submission to the CPCSSN, but before its approval, may incur a fee up to $2,500.00 depending on the complexity of the project and the requested modification(s).

The Cost Quote

Concrete cost quotations are only available after a Data Access Request (DAR) has been approved. The reason for this delay is because projects may change significantly from time of grant application to time of approval. CPCSSN will prepare a Price Quote. The Researcher must sign the Price Quote in acceptance of the cost. The Researcher … Read more The Cost Quote