Letter of Intent

Researchers who would like to include CPCSSN data as part of a research study will also need to submit a Letter of Intent (LOI) outlining their proposed research and data required. To submit a letter of intent fill out the form below. Before submitting an LOI review the LOI Evaluation Criteria and LOI Processing Steps. After receiving your LOI, a member of the CPCSSN team will contact you and help you with the review and approval process. We only release derived data to researchers with justification for the fields you are requesting.

Letter of Intent for a Proposed Study with CPCSSN Data



  • Include: (a) Brief review of the literature (b) Theoretical/conceptual framework or model (c) Significance or impact of the study i.e.: importance to the current policy landscape or to chronic disease management and/or potential for innovation (limit 1 paragraph)

  • Clearly define your sample population, including dates.
  • If "Other", please specify:
  • State your main study variables. Please indicate their roles (dependent, independent, descriptive, potential confounder etc.)
  • Briefly describe your analytical plan.
  • If yes, please briefly describe the linked data source and describe your re-identification risk protocols
  • Describe the specific location (address, computer lab location etc…) of the computers being used to carry out analyses and/or store data.
  • Please state the name of your local Research Ethics Board and briefly summarize the ethical requirements for your study. NB: You are not required to have approval for the project at the time of proposal submission, but will be asked to forward a copy of the approval to CPCSSN once the project is operational.

  • List all team members, qualifications and roles in the study.

  • Please state the source of your funding for this study. Please provide details of any funding applications that will be submitted (organization, amount, submission date) and provide a description of any letters of support required.