Data Presentation Tool (DPT)

The Data Presentation Tool (DPT) is a quality improvement tool created by the Canadian Primary Care Sentinel Surveillance Network (CPCSSN). The DPT provides an overview dashboard, prepared reports, and in-depth, patient-level search capabilities. Providers can drill down and isolate patients with particular needs and proactively follow-up with them for enhanced care

Providers can also create their own custom searches based on the CPCSSN data and save them for later re-use. Searches can be updated interactively while viewing results. Patients can be re-identified in the practice for recall using a personalized decryption key to associate their EMR patient details with their CPCSSN records. The re-identification step uses state-of-the-art web browser technology to ensure that no sensitive data leaves the practice.

DPT at-a-glance

  • Dashboard gives multi-graph overview of patient panel
  • Prepared reports on: Chronic disease follow-up, health condition diagnosis frequency, trend charts for lab and exam data, top 20 prescribed medications, proportion of CPCSSN conditions coded in EMR, diabetes
  • Powerful detailed search capabilities, providers can explore all aspects of their entire CPCSSN dataset
  • Patient-level data available for deep dive
  • Save searches for re-use and refinement
  • Secure re-identification feature enables patient recall and preventative healthcare

DPT Video Tutorials

The CPCSSN Team has been hard at work creating new short, targeted video clips to orient clinicians to the various quality improvement features of the Data Presentation Tool. This rigorous tool allows visualization of patient information and clinician practice patterns. It has integrated algorithms for 13 chronic diseases (e.g. depression, diabetes, osteoarthritis, Parkinson’s) which can assist in creating disease registries and other aspects of panel management and optimization.

The DPT videos range from 2-5 minutes and are aimed at maximizing clinicians’ use of the DPT. Shorter videos provide a general overview of components including the DPT Dashboard, and the Search and Reports pages. Longer videos provide step-by-step guides to help clinicians utilize more advanced DPT features including Re-identification and Custom Searches.

Follow the links below to watch specific videos of interest. To view all videos, visit the CPCSSN YouTube channel.