The Réseau Canadien Surveillance Sentinelle de Soins Primaires (RCSSSP) à 12 réseaux régionaux, each of which are led by a network director and their network advisory committees which provide guidance on key local network issues, including policy and strategic advice. Each network advisory committee is made up of practicing primary care clinicians and researchers.

  1. British Columbia Canadian Primary Care Sentinel Surveillance Network | BC-CPCSSN
  2. Southern Alberta Primary Care Research Network | SAPCReN
  3. Northern Alberta Primary Care Research Network | NAPCReN
  4. Manitoba Primary Care Research Network | MaPCReN
  5. McMaster University Sentinel and Information Collaboration | MUSIC
  6. University of Toronto Practice-Based Research Network | UTOPIAN
  7. Eastern Ontario Network | EON
  8. Ottawa Practice Enhancement Network | OPEN
  9. Réseau de recherche en soins primaires de l’Université de Montréal | RRSPUM
  10. Deliver Primary Healthcare Information | DELPHI  
  11. Atlantic Practice Based Research Network | APBRN
  12. Maritime Family Practice Research Network | MaRNet