Project Service Fees

A cost recovery fee will be charged. Charges are based on a cost recovery for the following activities:

  • Application support including answering questions regarding the approval process, application process, study population definition and suitability
  • Application review and coordination
  • Preparation of the approved data files
  • The complexity of preparing a customized data cut
  • Provision of the appropriate documentation (e.g. information sharing agreement, ethics certificate, etc.) to support the use of the data
  • Support for use of the data, including answering questions about data fields and coding specifics
  • A contribution to the ongoing operation and development of CPCSSN
Project service charges often fall between $5,000 to $20,000 per project. CPCSSN reserves the right to change its cost recovery structure at any time. Table 1 below outlines the standard cost recovery model with services broken down into data, administrative and SRE (secure research environment) services.

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