Secure Research Environment Costs

Secure Research Environment charges start at $2,500 per annum for up to three users and vary slightly depending on the resources required by the project. The minimum billing increment is three months. Typically, the first year is charged at the outset of the project, with additional Secure Research Environment fees (Table 2) being charged as needed.

CPCSSN Fee Schedule

Secure Research Environment (SRE) Access FeeFee Amount
SRE initial access$2,500 (3 users/1 year)
Additional user   $500 per person
Switch users$500 per switch
Backup files recovery$500 per request
Project Data Fee 
Data set revisions$500 minimum; $150 per hour of work required to complete
Administrative Fee 
Application review processing$2,000
Analytical Services 
Additional customized data processing$150 per hour depending on the expertise of the analyst
Data Analysis$150 per hour depending on the expertise of the data analyst

Note: Fees are also based on whether the researchers are actively involved in CPCSSN in the following ways: CPCSSN Network Director, Substantial participation in CPCSSN (e.g. submitting electronic medical record data, chief data science lead of Pan-Canadian CPCSSN), student.  Industry-funded project fees are negotiated separately under a “fair market value” model in consultation with the CPCSSN Steering Committee.

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